Style Guide

Deciding what to wear for your photo session can be daunting. So here are a few tips and colour suggestions to help you to decide what to wear.

Think about how you want to use these photos

Why are you having these photos taken? Are you wanting them just for Christmas cards or gifts? Are you wanting to hang them up in your home? Make an album to flip through? How do you want to enjoy them? Thinking about HOW you will be using these photos helps you to choose your pop accent colour. Do you want red for the holidays? Do you want colours that coordinate with your home colour scheme?

Think about what feeling you want in your pictures

Clothing has a big impact on how bright vs. dark an image looks. You generally want a neutral palette with pops of colour rather than coordinating everyone in the same exact outfits or colours. Neutral colours might be cream, grey, white, khaki, black, navy etc. Keep in mind that the darker your neutrals, the darker your overall images will be. Do you want colourful and playful, edgy and dark or light and dreamy? Deciding on the look you desire will help you narrow down your colour choices.

Pick the most difficult person to dress first

This tip can go either two ways. If your family is anything like ours, the man of the house normally has the least amount of clothing to choose from. So you can either go with something he already owns, or cheaply upgrade an outfit by buying a new shirt to go with his jeans or dress pants. Otherwise, the woman of the house knows the exact outfit that makes her look stunning and she loves, so build the other clothing off of this outfit choice.

  • You want avoid clothing that has text, large logos and strong patterns as these will draw attention away from you, the subject of the photo.
  • Try and wear layers, it gives a more polished professional look and adds texture. Add layers by wearing a jacket, cardigan, hat, scarf, headband or tights. Texture is achieved by wearing different fabrics; denim, lace, knits.

Walk around to everyone else’s closet

Once you have the central outfit decided, have a wander through everyone else’s closet and pull out any matching colours. Dress shirts are best for men and boys in the home rather than t-shirts, they just look nicer in photographs. Make sure you get the kids to try on your choices, you don’t want to get to the morning of the session to find out Johnny’s pants are too small.

Fill in the gaps

Once you have picked out from what you already own, it’s time to fill in the gaps from the shops. Hubby needs a new shirt, your son needs a new pair of pants and you want a cute bow for your daughters hair that matches her outfit.

Hang it all up in your closet and don’t wear it till 30min before the session starts

Once you have decided on everything; from clothing, jewellery, shoes to the colour of mums lippy; lay all the clothing out on your bed for one final inspection.

If you are wanting a second opinion, we are more then happy for you to send us a picture of your choices.

Now hang it all up and don’t touch till you are about to walk out the door to your photo location.