Info & Pricing

See below for our standard pricing packages. Prints can also be purchased after the shoot. We can provide print pricing upon request.

We understand that money can be tight, so we are happy to organise a payment plan with you that best suites your budget. So please don’t hesitate to contact us and mention that you are interesting in a payment plan.

(You will need to have paid half of the session price before the shoot, and the remainder before receiving the images).

Pricing Packages

Pricing Guide

For events please contact us with details of your event and we will work out a package specific for your event. Events can sometimes require extra equipment and time commitments and as such we want to make sure we are capable of doing the best job we can for you so we’d like to talk about your event before suggesting prices. We hope you understand.

Free Sessions

Sometimes we will offer free sessions when looking to update pictures for our portfolio. These are sessions will do for free with the understanding that the images will be used for our website, social media and those sorts of things. We will update this page when we’re offering free sessions so check back regularly if you’re interested or subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive any free sessions in your email!